Is Virgin Coconut Oil Good for Weight Loss?

Yes, virgin coconut oil is good for weight loss. Many have lost weight eating virgin coconut oil. Do you know why?

That's because it contains 60–64% medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which easily convert to energy to step up your metabolism. This makes virgin coconut oil a popular dietary fat that burns fat. You won't find this type of good fatty acid in any other vegetable oils and animal fats except for coconut oil and its relative, palm kernel oil (~55% MCFAs).

That explains why when you eat food cooked, fried or mixed with other oils or fats, you easily heap on excess calories that your body does not need at the moment and so it stocks them up into your fat tissues.

Simply put, the fat you eat becomes the fat you wear.

But when you change your dietary oil into virgin coconut oil, you're literally setting your body up to fat-burning mode. Not only the medium-chain fatty acids convert into energy to power up your metabolism, but also helps to pull out the fat you wear and burn them off as heat.

Which is why when farmers feed coconut products to their livestock, these animals become slimmer instead of ballooning in size.

Honestly, eating virgin coconut oil can help lose weight is no news anymore since many overweight people have benefited from it. (Weight loss is one of the greatest health benefits of eating virgin coconut oil.)

However, you do have to be careful when you're getting started. You should not eat too much at one shot such as 2 tablespoons especially on ... Continue reading "Is Virgin Coconut Oil Good for Weight Loss?"

How to Lose Weight with Coconut Oil?

Do you know how coconut oil helps to lose weight in the first place?

If you don't know that, you won't know how to maximize the fat-burning effect of coconut oil to help you achieve your desired weight in the shortest time possible.

Coconut oil, in general, contains about 60–64% of medium-chain fatty acids.

These MCFAs are the main contributors to making coconut oil a superfood for weight loss. They are relatively smaller in size, so they can enter your cells without insulin, thus powering up your cells to boost their metabolic activities.

When your metabolic rate increases, your body will burn fat more effectively by purging toxins out of your fat cells so that excess body fat can easily be released into bloodstream for energy conversion.

Now you have coconut oil at work to help increase your metabolism and lose weight, what you need to do next is to reduce your food intake at the same time. If you don't do this, the fat that coconut oil helps to burn off will quickly be replaced by the food you take in.

I'm not saying that you should eat lesser than what your body requires in order to achieve weight loss. That's a crash method to losing weight which I never advocate.

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Will I Lose Weight If I Stop Eating Meat for a Week?

It seems that you're trying out plant-based diet for 7 days to see if it really lives up to its weight loss reputation.

Well, before doing that, I need you to take note of these two critical points otherwise your stop-eating-meat weight loss regimen may render futile.

1. One Week is Too Short

Animal meat can indeed do more harm than good since it leaves a whole bang lot of acidic ash after digestion, making your body extremely acidic.

Not only that, animals produce toxins under extreme stress, fear, rage or other negative emotions when they're slaughtered for food. These toxins are stored within the tissues and when you eat the meat, you're in fact consuming the toxins as well.

What's even worse is that if the animals are fed foods that contain pesticides, growth hormones and antibiotics, those extra chemicals will pass on to you as well.

Massive toxins, extra growth hormones, unwanted pesticides and antibiotics can inflict unthinkable damages on your health, causing an imbalance in your hormones and lead to a serious metabolic disorder.

Therefore, stop eating meat does help you lose weight by ... Continue reading "Will I Lose Weight If I Stop Eating Meat for a Week?"

How Long does It Take Coconut Oil to Help Lose Weight?

How much weight do you need to lose?

By determining that we can roughly calculate how long it'll take coconut oil to help you lose weight.

For example, let's say you need to shed 20 pounds to get into normal BMI. In that case, 3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily will probably burn off 3–5 pounds per month, which means it'll take you 4–6 months to achieve your weight loss goal. Too long?

Actually not.

Weight loss is not all about how fast you should go, but how safe and permanent your weight loss journey is instead.

By the way, the fat-burning effect of coconut oil will go stronger on you when you got more fat to lose. That means, if you're overweight by 50 pounds, you may only need about 8 months of coconut oil diet to help you get to your target. And as you get down closer to normal BMI, the fat-burning effect will subside.

Which is why fatter people experience relatively stronger fat-burning and more weight loss with coconut oil.

Back to melting 20 pounds. Of course, the improvement of your diet and lifestyle can help speed up your weight loss with coconut oil and so you may only take 2–3 months instead to reach your coveted shape.

Don't expect coconut oil to work like any fad or crash diets. Coconut oil is designed to help burn fat, not to help lose water mass. Keep in mind.

On top of that, how long it'll take you to lose weight with coconut oil also depends on ... Continue reading "How Long does It Take Coconut Oil to Help Lose Weight?"