Does Coconut Oil Make You Poop?

Coconut oil does help to make you poop, but not all people taking coconut oil get to poop easily. That's because coconut oil works more effectively on people who have sluggish bowels.

For example, you may have taken good loads of fiber (from fruits and vegetables) and you drink 8 glass of water every day. You exercise regularly as well. However, you still find hard to poop. This is a sign of sluggish bowels.

Coconut oil can make you poop more easily in this case because it can power up your intestinal cells and help gather more water in your stools to stimulate muscle contractions on your bowels.

But if your intestines are inflamed due to ulcerative colitis or diverticulitis, then it may take longer for coconut oil to take its effect on moving bowels. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties as well. So, what coconut oil does is it will first help to reduce the inflammation in your intestines and if it has excess fatty acids left then these compounds will help to move your bowels.

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How Long does It Take Coconut Oil to Help Lose Weight?

How much weight do you need to lose? By determining that we can roughly calculate how long it'll take coconut oil to help you lose weight.

For example, let's say you need to shed 20 pounds to get into normal BMI. In that case, 3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily will probably burn off 3–5 pounds per month, which means it'll take you 4–6 months to achieve your weight loss goal. Too long?

Actually not. Weight loss is not all about how fast you should go, but how safe and permanent your weight loss journey is instead. By the way, the fat-burning effect of coconut oil will go stronger on you when you got more fat to lose. That means, if you're overweight by 50 pounds, you may only need about 8 months of coconut oil diet to help you get to your target. And as you get closer to normal BMI, the fat-burning effect will subside. Which is why fatter people experience relatively stronger fat-burning and more weight loss with coconut oil.

Back to melting 20 pounds. Of course, the improvement of your diet and lifestyle can help speed up your weight loss with coconut oil and so you may only take 2–3 months instead to reach your coveted shape.

Don't expect coconut oil to work like any fad or crash diets. Coconut oil is designed to help burn fat, not to help lose water mass. Keep in mind.

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