Is Coconut Oil Good for Constipation?

Constipation is mainly caused by factors like lack of fiber intake, too much fiber intake, insufficient fluid to soften the stool, stress, or sluggish bowels. Of course, some medications can dry up your fluid and cause constipation too.

If you have taken a good amount of fiber-rich food and drink plenty of water and you're just as relax as leaves on a tree but yet you're still constipated, then your constipation is likely caused by a sluggish bowel system.

Coconut oil is particularly good for constipation that is caused by sluggish bowels because its high content of medium-chain fatty acids can energize your bowels and make the muscles move vigorously so as to help push the waste through your intestines easily.

On top of that, when coconut oil breaks down into glycerols (aka glycerin molecules – active ingredient for rectal laxatives) and different chains of fatty acids, these glycerols can help to draw water into your intestines to soften the dry, hard waste so that it gets to slide through your gut effortlessly.

Oh, actually there's one more good thing about coconut oil is that sometimes viral or bacterial infection can stress out your system internally, causing constipation. Coconut oil has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Once the germs are cleared, your bowel will gain back its normal motility.

But for coconut oil to effectively treat constipation, you have to consume adequate amount of it such as at least 3 tablespoons a day. Never attempt to take 2 tablespoons at one shot on an empty stomach because the abdominal cramp may be too severe for you to put up with. This may also lead to diarrhea.

That said, always add coconut oil to your food and gradually increase the amount to help ease your constipation.

And for a brand new beginner, you should always get started with 1 teaspoon first to see how your body reacts to the bowel-stimulating effect of coconut oil. I mean, if your bowels are only slightly sluggish, then probably a teaspoon of coconut oil would have done the job.

If nothing happens after a teaspoon added to your breakfast, add another teaspoon or 2 to your lunch and so forth until you start to feel the loosening of your bowels and cramp in your stomach.

Though coconut oil is good for constipation, I would suggest that you don't just take it as a constipation relief because coconut oil works more than just a natural laxative. It carries so much goodness in it that it can dramatically help boost your immunity and keep you away from super germs.

So, take coconut oil every day in every meal so that it not only helps move your bowels on a regular basis, but help you stay strong and healthy for good as well.

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