Is Coconut Oil a Laxative?

Technically speaking, coconut oil is not a laxative. It, however, does help to stimulate bowel movement.

Most laxatives work to help absorb water into the stool causing it to soften up so that it can easily "slide" through the wavy "tunnel" and get out of the "dirty place". However, many constipation sufferers are still not getting their freedom with laxatives because it could be their sluggish bowels that are causing the problem, in addition to not having adequate water intake to create the bulk and soften the stool.

This makes coconut oil a popular solution for relieving constipation because coconut oil can turn a sluggish bowel into a hyperactive bowel. Thanks to its medium-chain fatty acids that are capable of achieving that since these compounds can easily break through the barrier and penetrate cells without much difficulty.

When they enter the cells, they convert to energy and power up the cells to help regain normal intestinal muscle contractions upon stimulation by bulk.

But that's not all. Coconut oil is a 100% fat. Which means, it releases tons of glycerols upon digestion. Glycerol is in fact glycerin that most laxatives contain.

These glycerols will draw fluid into your stool creating a bulk that stimulates bowel movements.

Which is why many constipation sufferers look to coconut oil for a relief and start sharing around telling others that coconut oil is a better (yet natural) solution than any other chemically-built laxatives when coconut oil fulfills their wishes and gives them the runs.

Don't get carried away when coconut oil does its job on you. It could sometimes loosen your bowels too much that causes you to keep running to the bathroom. This can drain you out especially if you're elderly.

So, the best way to relieve your constipation with coconut oil without the “side effects” of diarrhea would be to start off with a tablespoon of coconut oil mixed into your breakfast. Or you can add it to your coffee, juice or smoothie.

After that, relax and wait for the effect to come. If nothing happens in an hour, throw in another tablespoon with some light snack. And there you go.

Remember to drink plenty of water to aid in the waste removal. If you don't drink enough water, you can get stomach cramp when your bowel muscles contract vigorously but yet nothing seems to move because your stool may be too hard and big to move an inch in your intestines.

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