Is Coconut Cream Good for You?

Both coconut oil and coconut cream are extracted from the same coconut. Hence, if coconut oil is good for your health, so is coconut cream.

But there's an added advantage of coconut cream over coconut oil because coconut oil contains purely fats whereas coconut cream carries what a coconut has. In other words, eating coconut cream is almost like consuming the whole coconut since the nutrients are transferred from coconut to its cream during extraction.

Let's take a look at why coconut cream is good for your health.

Like coconut oil, coconut cream also contains saturated fats and medium-chain fatty acids. Saturated fats help to prevent oxidation, which is why they're so good at stopping free-radical reactions. Medium-chain fatty acids, as they're smaller in size than long-chain saturated fatty acids, convert to energy quickly instead of getting stored as body fat like long-chain saturated fatty acids (as in animal meat).

Don't forget that coconut cream holds antimicrobials as well, just like coconut oil. Antimicrobials are good at fighting and killing bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses and other germs. Additionally, coconut cream provides you with a variety of amino acids, minerals and vitamins that are good for your overall health.

In other words, coconut cream contains what coconut oil has, but coconut oil does not carry (except for very minute amount of fat-soluble vitamins E and K) what coconut cream possesses.

So, does that mean coconut oil is inferior in nutritional value to that of coconut cream?

In terms of nutrient variety, yes, coconut cream is better. But if you want to enhance your immune system, then coconut cream may not suffice to give you that since its antimicrobials are not as concentrated as those in coconut oil.

For example, if you're down with flu, adding coconut cream to food or replacing the creamer with coconut cream in your coffee may help to a little extent in fighting influenza viruses. But the flu-fighting power can triple if you add coconut oil instead. Of course, the more you eat coconut oil, the faster you'll heal from flu.

That's why I cannot live without coconut oil in my everyday life. And coconut cream is added to food (it's good especially in curry or as topping over alfalfa or as spread for wholegrain bread) for additional health benefits and protection.

You can also rub coconut cream on your skin. It's like putting both coconut oil and milk to moisturize and supple your skin. But you may feel a little sticky on your skin if the sugar content is high in the coconut cream you use.

In conclusion, coconut cream is definitely good for you. In fact, all coconut products are good for health because they all come from the same source – coconut tree, the "Tree of life".

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